Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Protecting Your Online Reputation Is No Easy Task

by Matt Kroschel
Grand Junction- Word of mouth has gone high tech, now anyone can say just about anything about you or your business online.

"It slander and its frustrating when people can just say what they want and there is no way to hold them accountable," Kannah Creek owner Eric Ross told NewsChannel Five.

There are hundreds of websites devoted to giving people a virtual soap box to spew anything they like and don't like online, and once it hits the web it is hard to erase.

Ross spends a lot of time at work surfing the web looking at comments, and does what he can to respond to the negative ones, but that is hard because most people post as anonymous.

"This is a huge problem, people can hide behind their key boards and say anything," Online reputation manager Dan O'Connor said.

O'Connor's Grand Junction based business is booming as they fight back against negative and in many cases fabricated lies on the web that can ruin a business's reputation.

"We have a point by point system to help clean up a person's image online and present a more complete picture, it only takes one or two bad comments or reviews to ruin a business," O'Connor said.

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