Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Sued, Legal Battle Brewing

Voter Privacy vs. Public Open Records Request at Center of Heated Issue

by Matt Kroschel

Mesa County - The Mesa County Clerk and Recorder is being sued, and some people believe the outcome could have a huge effect on the 2012 general election.

Aspen resident Marilyn Marks is leading a statewide attack on county elections officials, including her lawsuit against the top Mesa County elections official. Her group claims the way things are set up right now is unconstitutional and could give anyone the chance to know how you voted on county elections.

Marks has requested copies of all of Mesa County's paper ballots, but because of the current system in place, clerk and recorder Sheila Reiner denied that request. Reiner told NewsChannel 5 if she does release the ballots under the open records request, there is a chance someone's personal private vote could be seen.

The issue is going to go before a district judge with a court date set for April. Several Mesa County residents have contacted us with concerns about the voter privacy.

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