Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dog Ice Rescue Caught on Camera

By Matt Kroschel

 A yellow lab ventured a little to far onto the ice at West Lake Park in Grand Junction Wednesday afternoon, falling through the thin ice and becoming trapped.

Despite the dog owner's attempts, he could not get the dog out of the ice. Grand Junction Fire and Rescue teams responded with wet suits. They were able to get into the lake and break the ice, and rescue the dog.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Man Sentenced For Running Down 4 People At Cactus Canyon

by Matt Kroschel

Grand Junction- The man who ran down four people at the country and western bar, Cactus Canyon, was sentenced Tuesday after hours of family testimony.

Robert Helwig was sentenced to 14 years in the department of corrections and five years mandatory parole. Helwig plead guilty as part of a plea deal. He has already served one and a half years. Helwig was originally charged with four counts of first degree attempted murder, as well as first degree and second degree assault, but under the plea deal the maximum sentence for this type of crime was 16 years.

Helwig is accused of running over four men in the parking lot of Cactus Canyon in July. All four had to be hospitalized with serious injuries.

Family members of the victims spoke out at the sentencing hearing and asked the judge for the maximum sentence. Helwig's mother and father spoke and blamed the tragic incident on alcohol and described their son as a man with a golden heart who would give any one the shirt off of his back if they needed it.

The judge said he did not believe Helwig was "evil" but did think he is responsible for running down the four men out front of the bar.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

One Man's Mission To Keep Kids Fed On The Weekends

December 'People You Can Count On' Recipient

by Matt Kroschel

Grand Junction- This month NewsChannel Five and Sky Ute Casino honor Kids Aid Backpack program founder Mike Berry as our People You Can Count December winner.

Berry started Kids Aid several years ago and now the program serves thousands of school-aged children with food for the weekends in District 51 schools.

To learn more about the program and Berry CLICK HERE