Thursday, September 1, 2011

On A Mission To Change Young Lives, One Student At A Time

By Matt Kroschel

 September "People You Can Count On" Recipient

Grand Junction- In the news businesses we hear it all the time: Why is the news always so depressing? But this month we are launching our brand new segment, "People You Can Count On." It is our chance to highlight amazing people in our community.

On the campus of Colorado Mesa University, mentor Fran Morales admits although the university signs her pay checks, it is the students who she works for. Day in and day out, her job is to be that person to go to if students need help adjusting to life away from home and in the college classroom.

The students come in to her first floor office with everything from homesickness to teacher conflict issues. Morales in turns helps them work through their issues and in the mean time builds life long relationships with 'her kids.'

This month our partners at Sky Ute Casino and the NewsChannel Five family are proud to honor Fran Morales with the "People You Can Count On" Award.

You can nominate someone you know who is doing something special in the community on this website go to this link and fill out the submission form:

Fran Morales received a wonderful weekend get-away price package from our friends over at the Sky Ute Casino. Catch the next winner the first Thursday of October.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Western Slope Logger Cuts Off His Toes With Pocket Knife After Accident

By Matt Kroschel


Montrose- A Colorado logger who cut off all of the toes on his right foot after he was pinned by a logging machine says he was afraid it would take hours to find him and he might die.

Jon Hutt says he used a 3-inch pocketknife to sever his toes from the machinery about a half hour after realizing no one heard his cries for help.

Hutt says Wednesday he was trying to retrieve a pile of fallen Aspen trees to cut up for winter firewood near Montrose when a logging trailer slipped and pinned his foot.

He says it happened Aug. 19 but he didn't file a police report. The 61-year-old logger drove to a parking lot, where an
ambulance arrived to take him to Montrose Memorial Hospital.

NewsChannel Five is speaking to the man right now and will have his remarkable story tonight at 10:00 PM

Monday, August 29, 2011

Delta County Commissioners Say Yes to Hen Houses

Months of Debate End With Unanimous Conditional Approval for Egg Operations


By Matt Kroschel

Delta - After months of debate and dozens of meetings, Delta County commissioners unanimously approve two separate egg facilities there.

The ruling came late Monday afternoon in front of a packed crowd. Commissioners voted all in favor of approving two separate hen houses, one of them on the Powell Mesa and the other on Redlands Mesa.

The ruling brought both cheers and the shaking of heads in the crowd split down the middle on the issue. Neighbors say the industrial farming will destroy their property values and could ruin water supplies, while supporters see it as a victory for farmers everywhere.