Monday, October 10, 2011

Palisade Peach Harvest "Best in Years"

By Matt Kroschel

Palisade - Peach farmers in Palisade are wrapping up another year, so how did they do this season? Mesa County farmers tell NewsChannel 5 that problems in other counties helped make their crops more successful.

Overall, the harvest was good for peach farmers in Palisade. In the fields, just about everyone is done picking peaches, but workers at Kokopelli Farm still has work to do. The owners tell us they drew a good straw this year. That is because Mother Nature gave them a break with good weather and no late freezes. The news was not as good down south in Delta and Montrose Counties though. Peach farmers there were plagued with late spring freezes.

"Last year, we had a winter freeze that took quite a bit of our crop. This year, we actually had a very good crop. The price was good because some of the other growers, unfortunately, were short, especially in the Paonia, Cedaredge, Hotchkiss area," said Brant Harrison, the owner of Kokopelli Farm in Palisade.

At Kokopelli Farm, they say next year, they are planning on expanding their operation, in part thanks to the good harvest this season.

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