Monday, July 11, 2011

Manhunt is on in Delta County After Car Chase

Photo from the scene. -- Matt Kroschel
By Matt Kroschel

A manhunt in on in Delta County after a man in a stolen car leads police on a chase.

According to authorities, several law enforcement agencies are on the hunt for a suspect who stole a car from Grand Junction, and tried to escape south.

Authorities tell us Sunday night the Western Colorado Auto Theft Task Force spotted a stolen car in Grand Junction.

They monitored the vehicle's activity overnight and then tracked it to Delta County Monday morning.

A Delta Police Officer then spotted that car and the driver took off through some corn fields.

According to reports, Delta County Sheriff's Deputies caught up with the Lincoln Continental and that's when the suspect abandoned the car and fled on foot near Cactus Park in Escalante Canyon.

The Delta County sheriff told me they belive the man might have used a log to make a raft and got into the Gunnison River to evade search teams.

A state patrol plane is being used to search for the suspect in the canyon.

Multiple other agencies are assisting in the search for the suspect including the Western Colorado Auto Theft Task Force, a BLM Ranger and Delta Sheriff's Deputies.

The Department of Corrections also has a tracking team in the area.

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